Eye of the River by Jill Randall

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Strange scenes on Cow Lane

Kerry and Andy in action yesterday measuring and recording views at the Cow Lane bridge over the Calder.

The performance element was very engaging and entertaining and Kerry had some interesting tales to tell of her interactions with Burnley citizens during the past week. Yesterday brought some particular challenges with aggressive photo-seekers and officious security guards asking her to move on due to Health & Safety concerns - ironic considering the 48-point Health & Safety check Kerry and Andy carried out before mounting the 'Professional' ladders. There seems to be a lot of public support for permanent elevated lookout spots at the various sites, particularly by the rivers.

We had a surprise visit by Rizwan, Shaheeda and Abdullah which led to some informal sharing of ideas between Hiddenplace artists. This bridge is becoming a real meeting point - appropriate for site 1.

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