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Monday, 1 December 2008

Helmut Lemke - Sound Installation

'Hiddenplace' sounds like a unique oportunity to follow my research interests in site specific sounds and the communication of sounds closer to home.

I would like to investigate sounds of Burnley. The results of my investigations could take the form of temporary installations or durational performances.

Helmut Lemke Website
Intute Artist Listing

“Sound, the audible, the inaudible and the imaginable, is the basis of Lemkes’ work.

Since more than 30 years he presents process based results of his investigations into site specific sound.

He has performed Concerts and Performances and exhibited Installations all over Europe and Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore.

His activities include Organisation & Management of Projects / Symposions / Festivals.

He has collaborated internationally with musicians, visual artists, poets, dancers, scientists, performers and Filmmakers.

Since 1995 he has taught at art academies & universities in Germany, France, England, Finland, Thailand.

He was Research Fellow in Interactive Arts (Media Events) at Manchester Metropolitan University in 1997. He was AHRC-Research Fellow at the University of Salford from 2004 to 2007 in where he researche the question in how far sound is an appropriate tool for the representation of an environment at a specified time. His Research has taken him to Upernavik/Greenland, Reykjavik/Iceland, Koppelo/Finland and other places in Europe.

Awards & Residencies

From 1989 Lemke run the Label 'edition el C' for the documentation of contemporary sound art practice.”

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