Eye of the River by Jill Randall

Monday, 1 December 2008

William Titley - Installation and Multimedia

It is a project, which I know would inform my own practice and also an opportunity for me to explore new ways of negotiating, enhancing and representing a sense of place. Since 1999, I have been investigating ideas about place and making work in response to its politics, its communities and using a variety of media including: performance, video, photography, documentary etc to engage with the essence of place and its de/re/construction.
Outcomes often include some form of public exhibition of artwork/s informed by indepth local research including direct consultation with the local community.
My work is process driven by local research: local history, direct spatial experience, site/materials and personal stories etc. all informing the development of ideas and eventual creation of artwork in whatever form it takes.

I would like to be considered for one of the projects in Burnley and would be particularly keen to work on a site on the River Brun if possible. However, I am interested in exploring the development of a sense of place in any given location and would thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to work in any of the initial sites proposed.

Please use the following links to access a sample of projects and information from my website:

My Place

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