Eye of the River by Jill Randall

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


"...its a warm evening and just when everyone was tucking themselves into the fabric of their beds, something else was waking - waiting quietly in the shadows - watching, listening, working away under the lights of pixels and halogen lamps, the ink running thick through the streets of pages and screens. Scraps of puzzles to the jigsaw sit around waiting to be noticed...but nobody cares...nobody will...this is life...well we do and we are going to make sure we make a stand - in this bleak future of 2119 somebody has to do it ..."

Sorry...yes, its the Rizwan&Rizwan...enough of that drama...work in progress as usual and I think our plan is finally taking shape as the deadline gets closer and closer, there is still plenty to do and we are now more optimistic about the 19th May.

Here is our itenary for interested parties following our progress:
-May 1st Marketing Launch - Poster and Promo Cards in place around various sites in Burnley.
-May 1st Teaser Website Launch - Brief on upcoming May 19th Launch
-May 19th - Premiere of Hiddenplace 2119 Comic - inc. short trailer, interviews, website release and copies of the comic available to buy.
This is invite only. No superhero costumes.

We look forward to receiving your support and endeavour to live up to the hype we hope to create...

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