Eye of the River by Jill Randall

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

First batch

Heyup folks,
just a quick message to say how interesting it was to meet the first batch of artists in Burnley yesterday, all really nice people.

Been checking their websites and wow, what alot of talent the area has.
Best wishes and good luck to all of you/us.

Can you figure out where in Burnley this picture was taken?


Anonymous said...

Aye, thas's how us folk talk up ere thee knows....
Is't photo a photo of't viaduct?
Aye and fot silver trolleys, there's many breeds that spawn in't th'area and mek the' way up't river tu't Ribble... Some fail t' mek it though an' end up down Padiham....

William said...

Correcto mundo!
Tis viaduct lad.