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Monday, 1 December 2008

Mark Cameron - Live Art Animateur

I organise a live art event that gathers together the country's freshest artists, designers, animators and filmakers to create work in live environments. We have toured seven cities both in the U.K and abroad and established ourselves
as a permanent fixture on the U.K Art Scene.

I am currently working closely with two of the animators that were discovered at one of our events and have discussed the hiddenplace commission with them and we have agreed that it would be a perfect outlet for our collaboration. Two of the trio- Mr. Dave Lynch and myself are both Burnley born and bred and I have worked for the last 8 years in Burnley Schools and Youth and Community projects. We feel very strongly about the town and how it presents itself to the world and would very much like to be considered for the delivery of this project.

Please use the links below to find examples and references to our work:

Dave Lynch
Nicely Sliced
Best Joined Up
Best Joined Up / Myspace
273 Designs

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