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Monday, 1 December 2008

Daniel Scanlin - Photography

My name is Daniel, i'm a Burnley born freelance photographer and during the last twelve months i have been involved in various projects, both personal and professional, including photography workshops with 11 to 18 year olds within the stoneyholme and daneshouse area of Burnley.

The project is called 'Eye to eye', and some of the photography created already during these workshops have been exhibited in Burnley town centre for the rest of the town to see what goes on within the different communities of Burnley. From this, the Artist I have been collaborating with, curated and invited me to be involved in an exhibition titled 'Move', which was held at the Albert Dock, Liverpool. For this I had six pieces of photographic work exhibited , and the contents were based in and around St. Theodores R.C. High School, which has been empty since July due to a new build which will take place on the same site and will be ready in 2010.

I have photographed several weddings this year, one in Barcelona, one in Tuscany, but mostly in sunny Burnley and surrounding areas. Also i have just become the in-house photographer for a local publishing company called Jordan Communications.

I'd like to be considered for this project as it would be an exciting and great opportunity for me to be involved in and would show people what Burnley is about. I feel i could add visual pleasure to the viewer in the final showcase.

My initial ideas would be to photograph many of the empty and beautiful buildings in and around Burnley town centre, such as the old mills which were a major part of the building of Burnley we know today, the old court house, St Theordores RC High School and other small un-noticed spaces using and extending my torch technique.

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Luce said...

Hiya Daniel!

So glad you're part of this too...I was wondering where you went to, hope to see you soon